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About Us

Arthur Murray Bondi

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio Bondi, our talented, professionally trained instructors and proven teaching methods will quickly move you to the dance floor. Experience the grace and excitement of this timeless social activity with programs that are customised to fit your unique goals and schedule.

You have come to the right place! Arthur Murray Dance Studios have realised their students’ dreams for over 100 years. Getting started is easy! You have already taken and most important step which is wanting to learn to dance. Let us satisfy your curiosity by offering you a complimentary free dance lesson. You will learn to dance with one of our qualified professional teachers who will guide and plan a program of lessons to achieve your goals.
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Discover the Rhythm of Life

At Arthur Murray Bondi we believe that dancing can change people’s lives. It not only gives you a creative outlet, but it also has several physical and mental health advantages. Our skilled instructors are enthusiastic about teaching and committed to assisting you in reaching your dancing objectives.

We have the appropriate dancing programme for you if you want to dazzle on the dance floor, remain active, meet new people, or simply have fun.

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Explore a World of Dance at Arthur Murray

Are you ready to be immersed in the lively rhythms and enthralling motions of dance? We provide a wide variety of dancing forms to suit all abilities and interests
Whether you like the seductive sounds of salsa, the intensity of Latin dances, or the timeless elegance of ballroom. We offer you a free lesson to try it out first
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Dance Lessons for Singles & Couples
No Partner Needed

Whether you want to be a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer, Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakeview instructors are specially trained and certified to put you in touch with today’s most popular dances. The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve it because each lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace. Over 40 million students taught worldwide.

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