History of Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray is known as the world’s premiere dance organisation, with franchiseslocated throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, the Middle East,Japan, Africa and Australia. With the beginning of a new millennium, social dancingis again a significant part of popular culture for all generations. Today, the ArthurMurray Franchised Dance Studios continue a tradition of more than 100 years inteaching the world to dance.

The history of the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios began in 1912 with aman named Arthur Murray, an American symbol of entrepreneurial success andsocial dancing. Murray was among the first to use advertising techniques consideredcutting edge at the time. His concept of selling dance lessons by mail, one step at atime, took the use of direct mail to a new level.

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Arthur Murray was the first to realizethe growing popularity of the Latindances in America during the 1950’s.Many conventions were held in Cubaduring that time to give ArthurMurray dance trainers first-handknowledge of the hot new Latin stylesand moves that were in vogue andbecoming popular.
In July 1950, Mr. Murray purchased fivefifteen minute television spots on CBS andpersuaded his wife Kathryn to do theteaching. Before the third show, Arthurbought a half-hour summer series on ABC.The show was called the “Arthur MurrayDance Party.”
Millions of viewers all over the United States fell in love with the show andflocked to the Arthur Murray Studios throughout the country. This highlypopular show ran for twelve years on national television.
Arthur Murray International have brought a fresh new spirit and leadership tothe dance world. Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios have kept pace withthe rapidly changing “youth culture” and continue today to flourish as theworld’s largest and premier dance organization.

Whenever a movie involves dance, it’s a good bet that Arthur Murrays has been involved in some way, shape or form. Such movies at Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing II, Dance with Me, Beauty and the Beast, Flash Dance, An American President, True Lies, Saturday Night Fever and Scent of a Woman are some of the films which have used Arthur Murray instructors to either teach a dance to the stars and/or dance in the film.