Social dance classes with our Beginners programme, which will teach you the foundations of several dance forms. Our expert teachers will walk you through step-by-step lessons to help you create a solid foundation and confidence on the dance floor. This programme will get you on your feet even if you have no prior dancing experience.
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Take your dancing to the next level with our Intermediate programme, which will help you increase your repertoire of dance routines and improve your technique. Join a welcoming and accepting group of dancers as you tackle increasingly difficult choreography and get a better knowledge of musicality and expressiveness. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your abilities and realise your full dancing potential.

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For seasoned dancers searching for a thrilling challenge, our Advanced programme provides an opportunity to fine-tune your technique, master sophisticated choreography, and push your performance boundaries. Join a dedicated group of fellow dancers who share your commitment to excellence. Our instructors, who are renowned experts in their professions, will offer you invaluable assistance and mentorship as you strive for dance perfection.

Our Dance Programmes are meant to inspire, challenge, and spark your passion for dance, regardless of your ability level. Discover the joy and creativity of movement in a lively and supportive dance community by joining us today.