Dances We Teach

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From Tango to Salsa, Waltz to Rumba, our diverse and talented team of teachers provide our students an experience that is friendly, professional, fun and easy to learn.


Join a community of like minded dancers, teachers, students and professionals as we take our journey of dance together!


Find out more about some of the dances we teach below.

Social Dancing

Social dancing is our specialty.


We pride ourselves on teaching students to follow and lead in any dance style, to any genre of music and to feel confident at any social dance event.

We host in-studio socials which provide an opportunity for you to have fun, meet new people, and make friends for life.

Wedding Dance

Want to look and feel confident on your big day? We will customize a wedding dance just for you.

From simple and elegant to fun and flashy, your wedding dance will be the highlight of your special day.


Of all the ballroom dances, the Foxtrot embodies the ultimate in movement and class.

It is a smooth progressive dance characterised by long, continuous flowing movements across a dance floor to the sound of big band music


The Rumba will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscular control.

The slower rhythm of the Rumba allows for dancers to develop the distinctive side to side  hip action of Latin dance called Cuban motion


Romantic melodies emphasise the grace and poise of the Waltz.


Performed in a closed position the Waltz is defined by the movements of sway and rise & fall, while maintaining the concepts of balance and control, essential to experiencing the true joy of any ballroom dance


The most uniquely American of all dances, the Swing brings forth a buoyant carefree movement that is contagious.


Swing may be danced comfortably over a wide range of tempos and variations. The lively spirit and bounce of the Swing gets everyone on their feet to join in

Cha Cha

To learn the Cha Cha is to love the Cha Cha. Sharp staccato actions, rhythm changes, and exciting patterns are just some of the fun aspects of this dance.

The Cha Cha is one of the most popular Latin dances and allows you to cut loose and let your personality show


No other dance captures the dramatic strength and romance between partners like the Tango.

Accented by strong  staccato movements, the challenge of this dance makes it as exciting to perform as it is to watch


If you're looking for something spicy then Salsa is for you. 

The movements of Salsa are a blend of Afro-Cuban dances: Son, Cha Cha, Mambo, Rumba, Bomba & the Danzon, to the beat of traditional Latin music.

Ever-popular on the club scene,  Salsa is a dance that fits onto  a crowded dance floor without losing excitement & flavour


Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

It is a sexy and sensual dance that is fun and easy to learn. Bachata is characterised by the unique music, it's isolated body movements and is very popular in Latin dance clubs


Merengue is a type of music and dance originating in the Dominican Republic, which has become a very popular genre throughout Latin America


This dance encourages creativity and a fun party vibe.

Merengue is characterised by it's simple marching rhythms and Cuban motion


A street festival dance that originated in Brazil, the Samba combines Latin rhythms with a light bouncing action.


To achieve the true character of the Samba a dancer must give it a happy flirtatious and exuberant interpretation