Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

Right now! To dance with our fabulous and experienced dance instructors, simply book a complimentary dance lesson, and you could be dancing as early as tonight.

How long is a dance lesson?

Private and group lessons run for approximately 45 min.

What kind of skill do I need to have?

None! Our lessons are created to suit the individual skill level and pace of the student, so even if you’ve never danced a step in your life, you’re welcome to join.

Is dancing easy to learn?

We are famous for making learning to dance fun, quick, and easy.

How many lessons will it take till I know how to dance?

Every student learns at a different pace, and every dance style differs in complexity, so it’s impossible to give you a specific time frame. What we can tell you is that after every single lesson, you’ll remember more moves than before, and improve with each lesson.

Do I need a partner to learn how to dance?

Absolutely not! We offer lessons for singles for every dance style and couples often take lessons on their own to surprise their partners.

How many people in your group lessons?

Our group classes range in size from 4 - 12 people. We try to make sure there aren’t too many people in each group so the lessons are a bit more intimate, but there are still enough people to have fun and engage with.

How much do lessons cost?

Your first lesson with Arthur Murray Bondi is free. After your first lesson, your instructor will be able to recommend a program suitable for your skill and learning pace. To get more information about pricing, please, contact us.