Join the Energy and Excitement of Group Dance Classes

Are you ready to connect, dance, and have a good time? Our group courses at Arthur Murray Bondi are meant to bring individuals together and foster a vibrant and supportive community of dancers.

A Welcoming Dance Community

When you walk into our studio, you will be met with a kind and inclusive environment. Our knowledgeable teachers provide a feeling of community and a welcoming learning environment for all students. You’ll meet people from different walks of life who are united by their passion for dancing.

Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience

Our group lessons are designed to make learning to dance fun and exciting for everyone. Our knowledgeable teachers break down the procedures, demonstrate them clearly, and provide useful feedback to ensure you comprehend and execute the moves correctly. Prepare for laughs, applause, and a lot of fun!

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A Community That Lasts

The friendships you form in our group courses go well beyond the dance studio. You’ll make friends with other dancers who share your love of movement and music. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact, celebrate milestones, and make memorable experiences together, from group trips to dancing socials. As you continue your dancing journey, our dance community becomes a source of encouragement, inspiration, and joy.

Arthur Murray Bondi Group Schedule