Elevate Your Dance Journey with Private Lessons

Private classes at Arthur Murray Dance Studios provide a personalised and immersive dance experience suited to your unique goals and learning style. Private sessions offer the best chance for concentrated and personalised teaching. With our skilled teachers’ one-on-one attention, you’ll receive personalised feedback, customised choreography, and focused exercises tailored to address your specific strengths and areas for progress.

Convenience and flexibility

Private classes allow you to plan sessions around your schedule. Our teachers will meet your needs to guarantee a seamless and easy learning experience, whether you have a hectic schedule or special time preferences.

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Accelerate Your Learning

You may advance at your speed with private classes. With your instructor’s undivided attention, you’ll see quick growth in your dancing technique, musicality, and flair. Your teacher will carefully construct sessions that are tailored to your personal goals, ensuring that you establish a solid foundation and acquire the skills required to attain them.

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Personalized Guidance for Couples

If you’re learning to dance as a couple, individual classes are ideal since they allow you and your partner to progress together. Our teachers will teach you partner work, connection, and synchronisation skills so that you can dance as one. Private classes for couples are a terrific opportunity to develop your friendship while having fun, whether you’re preparing for a wedding dance, want to dazzle on the social dance floor, or simply enjoy the experience of learning together.