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Wedding Dance Lessons

Visit Us for Dance Lessons Before Your Wedding

Having dance lessons for your wedding day is always a great idea, even if you and your partner already have a good rhythm. Perfecting your steps or even learning a new dance style such as the Rumba or Tango will surprise everyone and leave you with glorious memories. Arthur Murray Dance Studio Bondi Junction also offers dance classes for competitions if you’re interested in taking your passion further.


Come in for your first dance wedding lessons, and we can assess your dance skill level and discuss what type of dance would suit your chosen piece of music, and if there is time, your teracher will choreograph a beautiful routine for you.

What We Offer in Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons don’t have to be stressful or a ‘chore’. You can make it fun and more relaxed by inviting other couples to join you. Here’s what we have to offer you for your wedding day dance time:

  • Parents. If part of your wedding day celebrations includes a father or mother dance with the bride or groom, you can have them join you at dance lessons for your wedding. With shared lessons, they can be part of the experience, and you can also make sure that the dances go well on the day.

  • Wedding party. Make sure your wedding party can dance, or even better, have the bridesmaids and groomsmen join in with your dance by doing a salsa. It will help them feel included, and you can make lovely memories together during your lessons.

  • Choreography. If you wish to have your own unique dance, we can do your choreography for you to make the occasion that much more special and unique.


We love dancing and would love to share our passion, knowledge and love for teaching it with you. We can make sure your wedding dance goes smoothly, but you might enjoy it so much that you make it a new hobby for you and your partner.

Programs We Offer Besides a Wedding Dance Lesson

Here are the different programs we offer at our studio ranked in terms of skill and what you want to achieve from your first dance wedding lessons:

  • Beginners. Our basic dancing skills course will teach you how to understand and feel rhythm, be in sync with your partner, and ‘survive’ on the dance floor. It will last about four to eight weeks, and you will have a basic dance to open the dance floor at your wedding celebration.

  • Intermediate. If you wish to take a more serious, professional approach to your dance, the intermediate programme will teach you technique and footwork perfection. The full programme includes lessons from the Arthur Murray curriculum, which will teach you techniques you can implement and perfect so you can dance to have fun with ease.

  • Advanced. You are married, and your big day has gone smoothly, but the dance bug has bitten you, and you may want to take your dancing to the next level. Come back for more classes and learn more techniques and styles that can take you to our other programs, where you can gain more confidence in social dancing and even participate competitively.

About Arthur Murray Dance Studio Bondi Junction

We all learn at a different pace and in different ways. At Arthur Murray, we offer group dance classes as well as individual private lessons, and you will soon discover whether the social setting of group classes makes you feel more comfortable, knowing that you’re all learning to dance together, or if you feel more at ease when it’s only you and your dance partner. Each dance style is different, and you might want to try the various dances we offer to see which suits you best, or even better, learn them all! 

Some of the questions you may consider before arriving at our studio would be, what kind of music you’re going your play at your wedding? What song would you like to dance to, and does it suit the type of dance you had in mind? What is the size of the dancefloor at the venue? Where will you go on your honeymoon, and would you like to learn the dance style of the tropical destination you’re going to?

Book your private dance lessons for your wedding today and experience a new world of wonder and excitement or contact us if you have any questions.

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